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Potty Training Consultant Certification Program

Thank you so much for your interest in becoming a certified Potty Training Consultant! This is an exciting time for the company, and I am really looking forward to bringing some new resources to families all around the globe! Things have been BUSY BUSY BUSY and to be honest, I just can't keep up by myself anymore! Potty training consultation is still an up-and-coming field, and I am one of very few professional consultants available to help the thousands of people starting their potty training journeys every single day!


At Potty Training Consultant, I have established a business to really help children and families achieve their goals of diaper-freedom that is based on expertise, encouragement, and support without judgement. I am proud to boast a 98% success rate and customer satisfaction rating.


By completing the program and becoming a certified Potty Training Consultant, you can also become a business owner and #momboss! I will give you all the training and tools you need to succeed and make a full-time salary on side-hustle time, while still being able to raise those babies and spend that all-important time with your family, or balance it with another career. Sound good?!


Here's what you will learn:


  • the history of diapers and potty training

  • the key figures in modern-day potty training

  • potty training methods and techniques used around the world

  • the most common potty training methods and techniques used today

  • the best age to potty train

  • signs of readiness

  • how and when to introduce the concept of potty training

  • the makings of a successful potty training experience from start to finish

  • how to customize a potty training plan for a specific need or situation

  • how to fit potty training into a family's current lifestyle

  • handling daycare/school/other caregivers

  • common potty training problems and solutions (pooping, nap/nighttime, regressions, and more)

  • potty training special needs children

  • how to identify and treat medical issues associated with potty training

  • the consultation process

  • how to set up a successful consulting business of your very own

  • how to maintain your certification and access support through the exclusive Facebook group

Here's what you will receive: 

  • access to a super comprehensive online course written and instructed by me, the founder and original Potty Training Consultant, containing 11 learning modules, presentations, quizzes, and final practical evaluation to be completed at your own pace

  • detailed handbook and supplemental materials which are yours to keep forever

  • ALL the knowledge to be able to independently consult families who need support during their potty training journeys

  • skills to work with families of any child, regardless of age or ability, either remotely or hands-on

  • skills to assess each client’s situation and provide customized guidance and support based on the child’s unique personality, experience, and lifestyle

  • business coaching and support

  • representation on the team consultant page on my website (which is the #1 search result when someone searches for potty training help, support, or consultation!) 

  • unlimited mentorship and coaching from me and other licensed potty training consultants as you need support with your own clients via an exclusive Facebook group

  • direct access to leads and referrals that come through the Potty Training Consultant website and social media channels (the number one Google search result for potty training support), so you don't necessarily always need to find your own clients

  • use of the Potty Training Consultant certificate and seal recognized under the extremely popular and highly reputable Potty Training Consultant brand

Imagine this: being able to make your own hours and take on as many or as few clients as you want at any given time...earning anywhere between $2,000.00 and $5,000.00 (USD) per month working less than 20 hours per week...saving on childcare costs because you will have time to raise your babies and earn a substantial income at the same time...having money to spend on extras you haven't in a long time (vacations, clothes, a cleaning service, unlimited Starbucks, etc.) doesn't have to be a dream anymore! 

"Thank you again for the opportunity to become a potty training consultant.

It’s been just under a month since I really started and the business has already

blessed my family so much!"

- Alyssa Nye, Positive Potty Training


The cost for the program is a one-time up front payment of $2,995.00 USD (can be paid via credit card or Paypal). Beyond that, there is a recertification fee of $249.00 USD per year which includes access to the Facebook support group and 2 hours of continued education taught by myself or another childcare field expert. Before registering, students will be asked to review and complete a licensing and confidentiality agreement.

Potty training consultant certification seal
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