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"This book helped my little one get over her poop fears. Thank you it’s been a life saver!!!"

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How Do You Poo? speaks to children on their level. With equal parts learning, encouragement, and silliness, this book will finally get children thinking positively about their new friend, poo! 


Children become comfortable with pooing in their diaper, so when it comes time to start potty training and put poo in the potty instead, it can be a major obstacle for them to overcome. How Do You Poo? encourages us all to leave the negative connotations associated with pooing behind, and get children to embrace their poo instead! Fun rhymes describe what poo can be and do. They should put their poo in the potty (poo's one true home!) so they can check it out! 

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The story starts out by explaining what poo is and where it comes from in simple terms that toddlers and preschoolers can understand. It then goes on to explain why it's GOOD to poo, how to listen to their bodies, and to put their poo in the potty when it's time to say goodbye. Then...


Poo can be different shapes, sizes, and colors (just like us!). It can be fast or slow, loud or quiet, or light or heavy! 


The book is also being praised by occupational therapist, Sarah Selznick of Sensory Explorers. Pooing can bring about a whole myriad of sensory issues for children, especially those with certain developmental delays or disabilities. This book helps address many of those aspects to build them up to being comfortable with pooing in the potty.

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As a professional potty training consultant having worked with thousands of families, one of the most common problems I've seen parents face is getting their children to poop in the potty. In fact, up to 40% of families polled admitted to struggling with this issue! 


It can be caused by any number of things, but mostly stems from at least one episode of constipation which can result in painful or uncomfortable bowel movements. From that moment on - to your kiddo - there is nothing positive about pooping! In order to correct the problem, it is important to incorporate positive associations with pooping.


Research shows that introducing positive associations and conversations about pooping from an early age can actually shorten the amount of time it takes to potty train!*

*Taubman B, Blum NJ, Nemeth N. Stool toileting refusal: a prospective intervention targeting parental behavior. Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med 2003;157:1193–6 


This topic doesn't just hit close to home for me from a professional standpoint, but personally as well. My daughter, Layla, who is now five, struggled with chronic constipation from the time she was about 10 months old. Needless to say, pooping on the potty was a real obstacle for her to overcome. I've written this story from the heart for all those parents and kiddos experiencing the same problem!


Enter, How Do You Poo?, a fun and playful board book for kids ages 2-7 years old that paints poo in nothing but a positive light! It's rhyming story simplifies what poo is, where poo comes from, and all the different things that poo can be and do! Sure to get some giggles (from both you and your kiddo!), this book will have your child asking to poo in the potty so they can see just how they poo!

"After two weeks of unsuccessful attempts, we read this book twice and that same night she pooped on the potty all on her own!"

- Verified Purchase

"My daughter has had me read it over and over and over again!"

- Verified Purchase

"He was laughing so hard...Today he wanted the book read every time we went to the potty. Then, he was actually super excited to poop!!! He’s been quoting small parts of the book all day. I love that he’s having fun with it!"

- Verified Purchase

"My son loves this book. I believe it has helped him feel more comfortable with his body, and pooping in the potty. He wants it read to him every time he sits on the potty."

- Verified Purchase