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Be sure to visit the Potty Fairy's website for magical potty training products that enrich all potty training methods including Potty Riders, dolls, undies, and the new book The Potty Fairy, now available to order.

My Potty Party takes photos of your child and inserts them into a book illustrating the steps of using the potty like magic. Your child will be so excited to see themselves as you read the story that it will get them excited about using the potty too! Use coupon code "ALLISON" at checkout for 20% off your purchase!

Every potty training parent needs to know about Peelaways sheets. Featured on Shark Tank, these are layered, disposable, waterproof, sheets that help make middle of the night bedclothes changes a breeze! Have an accident? Simply peel off the top layer to reveal a new, clean layer underneath. Use code "PottyT" at checkout for 10% off your purchase! 

Each Potty Time ADVENTure Chart has 14 Potty Punch-Outs with empty shapes numbered 1 through 30. When your potty trainer makes a successful “deposit”, reward them with a matching sticker shape to fill their chart starting at #1. As each Potty Punch-Out gets it shapes filled in, have your child lift up the toilet lid to reveal their reward! The rewards are little blocks shaped like various animals or vehicles. I’ve always recommended the use of an advent calendar as a great reward option for potty progress, and now Lil Advents has done all the work for you! Use code "2019Insta15" to save 15%!

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