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Your child is well on their way to being completely potty trained! Hooray! Except one thing...you just can't seem to get poop in the potty! What's the deal?!

Unfortunately, this is a problem that many parents - up to 54% of - struggle with, and now there is finally a way to get some help without the high price tag of having to hire a private consultant.

Full of expert tips and tricks, this 70-minute webinar (pre-recorded) is an informative presentation that will help you understand the reasons why your child won't poop on the potty and the best ways to address the problem depending on those reasons. So, whether your child suffers from chronic constipation, is terrified of the potty, or just downright stubborn, the professional advice given in this webinar will have your little stinker pooping on the potty where they should be in no time flat.

Includes access to the pre-recorded 70-minute webinar and presentation

(not captioned) and a handy Poop Tip Sheet with my top 10 suggestions to get

poop success!