One Thing All New Parents Need To Know About Potty Training

Okay - I need everyone to help me make this go #viral. I am going to explain one thing that every new parent NEEDS to know about potty training.

In my experience as a professional potty training consultant, I have seen a very disturbing trend that is slowly turning into an epidemic - children refusing or fearing pooping on the potty. I hear it every single day, "My child will pee on the potty just fine, but they refuse to poop!" These parents are at their wits end from changing poopy pants or giving their little ones diapers just to get them to poop. While I am able to help these parents overcome this major hurdle, I would prefer if you didn't have to be one to deal with it in the first place. And I am about to tell you how this does not ever have to be you.

The answer is very simple, but you need to start early. When your child is able to sit on their own, stably, without help (usually around the age of 8 or 9 months), start giving them the opportunity to poop somewhere other than in a diaper! The idea is to get them comfortable with sitting on a potty chair or a toilet and to keep them from developing a dependency on their diaper.

Think about it - we put babies in a diaper minutes after they are born. From that first poop up until potty training age, they are used to their poop being right up against them when they go. It provides a certain level of comfort. Once the child is older and they begin to potty train, it can be quite confusing, and even scary, for their poop to fall away from them into a potty or toilet. If they have ever had an issue with constipation or painful bowel movements, you can almost guarantee that you are going to struggle to get your child to poop in a new way other than what they are comfortable with.

BUT, if we introduce the idea of pooping on the potty early on, it becomes normal to them, and not scary. And you can cut your future potty training time by more than half!

So, all you parents out there who are expecting or have a new baby, here is what to do. Once your baby achieves that major milestone of sitting:

1. Start looking for signs that they are about to poop.

  • Every baby has a "tell". Maybe they get red in the face, maybe they freeze and stare, maybe they bring their legs up - there is some signal, and you should try to learn it.

2. Once you see any of these signs, get the diaper off and sit them on the potty or even the toilet.

  • If you sit them on the toilet, make sure they are leaning forward and their thighs are pushed up towards their belly. Obviously, give them support so they don't fall in. The poop should pass easily in this position.

3. Once they go, give them loads of hugs and praise.

  • They won't know what they've done necessarily, but you want them to know it was good!

You don't necessarily have to do this every time your child needs to poop, but it is a good habit to start early so you can prevent any fears that will prolong the potty training process in the future. And hey, who wouldn't want to change less poopy diapers??

Give it a go parents, and I promise you won't regret it. Please share this with anyone you know that has a new baby so we can put an end to the poopy pants epidemic!

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