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Product Review: Corolle Drink & Wet Potty Dolls

As a professional potty training consultant, I usually recommend having the child teach a doll or stuffed animal how to use the potty as part of the preparations for potty training. It gives the opportunity to show the doll praise for success on the potty, it is helpful if your child isn't quite ready to sit on the potty themselves, and demonstrates that there is nothing to be afraid of.

I was recently given the opportunity to try out Corolle’s Drink and Wet potty training dolls, Paul and Emma. These interactive baby dolls come with their own potties and bottles, but what really sets them apart from other potty dolls (and what I was most excited about) is that they are anatomically correct!

Both of my kids are already potty trained and have been for a while, but I still wanted to see a child’s response to the dolls to be able to give a true review. Right away, my 2-year old daughter was very excited to give Emma her bottle and put her on the potty to tinkle. When she saw the water in the potty, she cheered for Emma and wanted to do it again. Even my 4-year old boy, who has never shown an interest in dolls, was excited to play with Paul.

The fact that these dolls actually tinkle, and the “pee” comes out of the same place it does on a person is a great learning tool and could potentially help ease any fears or confusion about how we go potty. It is also a great way to teach kids about their body parts, and in my opinion, are the cutest of any others currently on the market.


  • Anatomically correct for proper learning

  • Actually drinks and tinkles

  • Comes with a potty that looks just like a real potty chair

  • Arms and legs are easy to bend

  • Clothing is easy to remove

  • The plastic of the potty and the bottle repel water, so they dry quickly with minimal mess

  • The doll can also get in the pool or bath, so expect years of play even beyond potty training

  • High quality material that smells like baby powder


  • If the bottle isn’t firmly inserted into the hole in the doll’s mouth, water won’t go in to make the doll go potty, so younger children might need some assistance (my daughter needs help, but my son can do it on his own). The product is recommended for children 3 and up.

  • Currently only Caucasian dolls are available, so no ethnic variation

Overall, if you are looking for a fun way to get your little one excited about potty training, these dolls are perfect and I would highly recommend them!

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