• Allison

Tips For Potty Training On-The-Go

Ever been sitting on the toilet in Target when all of a sudden, for no apparent reason, the toilet decides to flush...and powerfully enough to feel like you are being sucked into the depths of the earth??? I know I can't be the only one!

Over the holidays you may find yourselves with no choice but to use a public restroom while out and about. These automatic toilet flushers can be loud, scary, and even traumatizing for some kiddos! Put yourself in your newly potty trained child's shoes. You do NOT want them experiencing that and risking losing any potty progress you've made so far!

I’ve got a super simple fix for you - slap a sticky note over top of the sensor on the flush before they sit! This will ensure the toilet doesn't flush until you're ready, preventing a potentially traumatizing experience.

Leaving the house during the potty training process can be overwhelming and a little scary for both you and your child. BUT, it’s also probably much needed after being home and working on mastering this new skill!

Here are some helpful tips to keep you calm, cool, and collected when going out and about during potty training:


  • Staying hunkered down at home for multiple days just because you’re potty training.

  • Stressing over your kiddo having accidents when you leave the house.

  • Putting on a Pull-Up “just in case” of an accident.

  • Expecting perfection from your child. (and from you!)


  • Getting back to your regular routine as soon as possible. Start incorporating small outings back into your day after only one day at home. The longer you keep your kiddo away from the routine they’re used to, the more uncomfortable it could make them with the changes that come along with potty training.

  • Looking at the bright side. Accidents are actually great learning opportunities! And even if your child has one (or many) while you’re not at home, the learning still continues. Your little one needs to be potty trained both in AND out of the house after all! I promise, no one is going to notice (much less care) if an accident occurs.

  • Preparing in other ways – such as packing a potty training survival kit (see yesterday’s post!). Putting Pull-Ups on your child at random times not only will only lead to confusion, but it also shows that you’re lacking confidence, which is a must-have as a toddler parent!

  • Celebrating progress! Not all days will be good, but there will be good in all days. Thinking positively and envisioning success will only help the situation. When you are measuring progress based on successes instead of accidents, it changes your entire outlook which will lead to a happier family overall!

My online course “10-Day Potty Training Challenge” is a one-stop-shop for everything you’ll need to know to begin potty training. It walks you through each day step by step and there is even an option to get direct support from me for the first 90 days!

It may not always be easy, but it is ALWAYS worth it! YOU can do this and so can your child! What’s your handy dandy mom hack for on-the-go potty training?