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To Sit or Stand? That Is The Question…

Easy Peesy Potty Pants: Product Review

All of us boy moms have probably wondered at some point when is the best time to teach your little man to pee standing up. As a professional potty training consultant, I always recommend first teaching boys to pee sitting down until they are a little older, taller, and more confident in their potty skills. In order to stand and pee, they first need to be able to determine that they only need to pee, they should be able to undress and redress without assistance and, for Mom’s sanity, they should have the fine motor skills to properly aim. It also helps if they are tall enough to not need a step stool to avoid any painful accidents from a fall (or a falling toilet seat – ouch!) that could potentially deter their potty progress.

I think we all worry about how our newly potty trained kiddo is going to manage going to the bathroom when he isn’t in our care – I know I do. Will he be able to get his pants back on? Will they be inside out? What if he sits on the bathroom floor to get dressed - gross!? Is he going to pee all over his pants?

I was so pleased to learn of two boy moms over at Easy Peesy in Los Angeles, CA who have created a long-awaited - and stylishly adorable - solution to these problems with their Easy Peesy Potty Pants. I was recently given the opportunity to try them out with my own son, Evan, who has been potty trained for ages but is still in the process of learning how to stand and pee. Right away, Evan was eager to try them on because of how soft they are, and he loved the little bees on the zipper pulls. He was able to unzip them himself and the large opening made it very easy for him to stand and go on his own without mooning anyone or making a mess. He zipped up, washed hands, and was back to playing in a flash without having to struggle with bunched up undies or turning pant legs right-side-out. We could hardly contain our excitement!

From a mom's perspective, I really appreciated the extra layer of fabric to effectively absorb any drops or dribbles that might not have made it into the potty. After all, “shaking” is another skill that needs to be developed over time! I will say that while the pants are super stretchy and comfortable, they are slim fit in their style. So, if your little guy isn't so little, like my Evan, you might want to consider going a size up*. Also, Potty Pants aren’t really designed to be used with underwear (at least not with newer potty trainees), which I actually find to be really convenient, but if your little guy is uncomfortable being commando, keep that in mind before purchasing.

Overall, Potty Pants are the perfect tool to add to your potty training repertoire to help little boys gain full potty independence.

Get your pair today at and use coupon code "AllisonPTC10" for 10% off any purchase!

*Note: Evan is 42” tall and approximately 45 lbs. He tried a 4T which fit in length, but was too tight in the waste and thigh area.

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