Uncommon Potty Training Tips & Tricks

Here are some helpful hints about potty training that you might not have already heard of. Have something else to add? Leave a comment!

1. Introduce the potty as early as possible.

Get a potty chair to keep in your little one’s room so they see it often and can familiarize themselves. This way, it’s nothing super new when you start training. As soon as they are old enough to sit stably on their own (around 8 to 12 months), start sitting them on it, with or without a diaper. They may surprise you and actually go!

2. Make up a “potty song” that you can sing every time they use the potty successfully.

Make it super silly and add some dance moves too. They won’t be able to resist the giggles and will want it again and again.

3. Always Get down on their level so you can be face to face.

How would you like it if someone towered over you while you tried to master a new task? Scary right? Children respond much better when you can see eye to eye, literally. Let this be a rule of thumb while you teach them how to use the potty and praise them for their success.

4. Sit on the toilet (dressed) with your baby or toddler sitting between your legs.

This helps provide comfort to those little ones still not sure about using a regular size toilet and may be just what he/she needs to realize there is nothing to be afraid of. Also, if your child suffers from constipation, from here you can rub their back in a counter-clockwise motion to help move things along. This, plus good old-fashioned gravity can really help relieve discomfort.

5. Let them sit on the toilet backwards (facing the wall).

It gives them something to hold onto and may make them feel less exposed and vulnerable.

6. Keep a potty in the car.

Not only will it prevent you from having to stop at grimy gas stations or from getting a speeding ticket trying to get home, but your newly trained toddler is likely to feel more comfortable using this potty over public bathrooms for a while.

7. When you pack a change of clothes, don’t forget socks and shoes.

Be prepared for those inevitable accidents. It has nowhere to go but down! You don't want to have to stop everything and go back home for fresh shoes and socks. Better yet, get some Crocs, or something similar so you can just rinse and go.

8. If your little one is having trouble figuring out how to put their undies and pants on themselves, have them sit on your lap while you help them.

This way, they can see how it works from their perspective as opposed to standing in front of you. Also, be conscious of right or left-handedness.

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