What To Do If Your Child Will Not Poop On The Potty

Updated: Nov 2, 2018

I hear it all too often: "My child pees in the potty just fine, but she will not poop!" It is quite possibly one of the most common potty training dilemmas parents face.

Most of the time, children begin to withhold their poop due to an unpleasant or painful poop experience in the past. The withholding leads to more painful bowel movements and the cycle persists, causing your child stress over pooping and making it very difficult to go where they should be - in the potty. Your child then resorts to pooping when they feel more comfortable (much to our dismay), either when they are wearing a diaper, Pull-Up, or underwear.

So, in the spirit of summer, I am sharing one of the secrets from my repertoire to get those little stinkers pooping where they should!

Here is a "magic" recipe that will encourage soft, regular bowel movements for your children without resorting to medication. It is actually so delicious, they will think it’s a special treat! Blend the following ingredients:

1/2 can full-fat coconut milk
Two heaping tablespoons of full-fat plain yogurt
A handful of frozen pineapple chunks
A handful of frozen raspberries
A handful of shredded coconut

It can be served as a smoothie, or frozen in Popsicle molds for a healthy summer treat. Tell your kiddo the smoothie or ice pop is magic, and every time they drink/eat one, it will help them to poop in the potty without pain!

The recipe's combination of fats, coconut, fiber, and probiotics is known to produce healthy stools. You can switch up the pineapple and raspberries for any other fruit.

Voila! Healthy bowels all around!

The Poop Puzzle: What to do if your child will not poop on the potty

If this doesn't do the trick for your little one, feel free to reach out for additional support or check out my book The Poop Puzzle: What to do if your child will not poop on the potty.

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