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My Potty Training Expertise Condensed Into One Online Course!

A comprehensive training program with long-term support

Potty Training Doesn't Have to Stink:

How to ditch the diapers and love life doing it


Feeling overwhelmed by all the conflicting potty training information that’s available today?

What if I told you that you potentially just bought your last pack of diapers?


Join me in an online course to learn everything about potty training EVERY PARENT needs to know to achieve the coveted goal of diaper-freedom. THIS is the stuff they should be teaching us in college!


As a professional potty training consultant, I have used my customized potty training plans to teach hundreds of families how to potty train their girls, boys, and multiples, from ages 14 months to 11 years, of all developmental levels and abilities. I know how to help children who are passive, children who are stubborn, children who are eager, children who are afraid, and everything in between.

This online program walks you through how to make your very own custom potty training plan - the same kind that gets the families I work with success 98% of the time - without the high price tag of hiring a private consultant like me to do it for you.


But the best part is, you still have my support along the way via exclusive members-only discussion groups within the program. And you have this access for SIX MONTHS.

I will teach you how to identify your child’s UNIQUE POTTY LEARNING STYLE and apply my proven-effective practices to get your little one out of diapers and onto the potty in as little as ONE DAY.


My methods are so simple that they REALLY WORK with children of all ages and are SO EFFECTIVE that they even work with the most stubborn children. Get ready for a lot of “AHA!” moments because not only do I teach you the HOW, but also the WHY.


In the course, you will learn:


  • How to know when your child (and YOU) are ready to start potty training so you can do it once and do it right


  • The 3 key principles every parent needs to know to achieve success


  • Why there is no one-size-fits-all potty training method and how to identify your child’s UNIQUE POTTY LEARNING STYLE


  • A proven-effective step-by-step process that can be easily modified to fit your family’s lifestyle and child’s personality


  • Nighttime potty training


  • Details on handling successes, accidents, daycare/preschool involvement, transitioning from potty to toilet, even wiping!


  • Troubleshooting: “Bad” potty behavior, poop problems, regressions


You can get started today and you will receive:


  • 180-day (that's 6 months!) access to a presentation of the trade secrets I use to prepare my highly-effective customized potty training plans so you can apply them to YOUR child and YOUR lifestyle ($249 value)

  • A PDF handbook with all the information that you can reference while going through the process, and a workbook that allows you to customize the content to your child and your situation ($65 value)

  • A FREE electronic copy of of my book, The Wee Hours: A Nighttime Potty Training Guide ($10 value)

  • Access to exclusive DISCUSSIONS to remain accountable, ask questions, and get answers and moral support from ME, the potty expert. ($675 value)

  • My Potty Pro Bonus Pack containing: Potty Training Reading List, Printable Shopping List, Printable Progress Charts, Must-Have Potty Training Product Guide, and an electronic copy of my book, The Poop Puzzle: What to do if your child will not poop on the potty, so all the work is essentially DONE FOR YOU! ($75 value)


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