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Every potty training journey is        different

That's why I specialize in customized training plans for unique situations or needs. Whether you just don't know where to start, you've tried before without success, or you have an unusual circumstance that needs expert guidance, I can help.

My potty training assessments are based on over 5,000 hours of evidence-based research and my experience in working with over 2,500 families. Trust me, I have seen it ALL! I will review your situation in great detail in order to handcraft a plan to meet your specific needs. That said, my plans aren't necessarily an end-all-be-all. Sometimes while implementing the plan, I might find that changes or adjustments need to be made. I'll be there by your side the entire time to answer your questions, track your progress, and ensure you meet your goals. My approach has lead to a 98% success rate.

Prices start at $825.00 including a detailed questionnaire, a full written assessment and plan of action, and up to 12 weeks of one-on-one virtual support during the training process. Contact me via email at for a quote.

For phone or email consultations, please contact us below or email to be connected with a certified potty specialist.


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customized potty training plans


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