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Expert potty training support for every situation.

online courses, personalized consulting, and free resources

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I'm Allison Jandu, owner & founder of Potty Training Consultant!

I'm also a parent just like you. When it came time to potty train my oldest, I was quickly overwhelmed by all the conflicting information available online and was really missing the support and science-based guidance I was after. I didn't think it seemed fair for parents to have to guess their way through potty training - toddlerhood is challenging enough! So, after over 5,000 hours of research, I created Potty Training Consultant where I have helped thousands of families potty train. I do not just provide a place to get that one-on-one expert support, but an entire community where parents can come together without judgment, ask the hard questions, and get evidence-based facts that drive potty success.



hours of evidence-based research


families helped


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Mother and Child

Shannon L.

"Your wisdom, support and clarity in how to go about potty training gave us a lot more confidence in the process and it was actually fun. Our son caught on so quickly. I was amazed at how well your suggestions worked and I will be forever grateful and appreciative of your help."

Baking Cookings

Michelle M.

"After almost a year of waiting for my daughter to be ready I knew it wasn't ever going to happen. After talking to Allison, she wrote up a plan that was specific to my family and our needs.  My daughter woke up the first morning excited to try and hasn't looked back since.  I can't thank you enough for turning a complete nightmare into a dream."

Mother and a Child

Ilana M.

"Thank you for all your help and guidance. It was so nice to know that when questions came up or if something unexpected happened we could contact you and get some insight. It really made the process feel easier and more manageable! Your support really was invaluable." 



In addition to our self-guided online courses, we have a team of certified consultants located all over the world. Contact us today to be connected to your own personal consultant for one-on-one support through phone and email consultations or a fully customized consultation package with ongoing support.


your own personal consultant


customized potty training plans


ongoing virtual support services

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My newest book is now available!!

So excited for you to all see my new children's book, How Do You Poo?!


Board books, ebooks, and other goodies are finally here and ready to get in your little one's hands!

"This book helped my little one get over her poop fears. Thank you it’s been a life saver!!!"

-Verified Purchase

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