Potty Training Courses & Consults

Create the best potty training experience for your family.

Shake off all anxieties

Build big connection

Empower a confident child

Wipe away all of those worries.

I know what you're thinking. When it's time to potty train your child you're not sure

How many days, weeks, months it will take?
If all the stress is going to cause gray hair...
How many changes of clothes you’ll need...
Do I buy the training underwear?!

There are just too many unknowns. Plus, you tried the potty training method you heard about from another mom and it was not a fit for your family.

The Science-
Based Method

We understand what it's like to stress over finding the right method of potty training. There is so much conflicting information online and a lack of evidence-based support.

With over 5,000 hours of research to get evidence-based facts that drive potty success we've helped over 6,000 families successfully potty train their children.

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Get the support
you need


Teach your child how
to use the potty


Enjoy your child's
growth & development

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What if I told you

You can enjoy the potty training process while building big connection with your child.

“This course helped my son so much to learn how to use the potty! He went straight out of diapers with minimal accidents! I’ll be using the same techniques when my daughter is ready to potty train as well. Thank you so much!”


Unlock the secrets to potty training success and sanity with our new course The Potty Training Survival Guide.


Already potty training and need help troubleshooting probelms? We've got you.

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Ready to conquer dry nights? Cheers to success!

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Learn the 5 key signs your child is ready to start potty training! It may be sooner than you think!

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