As a busy parent, you probably feel like potty training is just another thing on your never ending To-Do list...and who has the time to spend hours researching how to get your child to pee and poop in the potty?!! I know I don't!


That's why I've taken my best potty training practices - the same basis that I have used to get over 2,000 families success 98% of the time - and organized them into my affordable and self-paced Online Courses. I break everything down into manageable steps along with all the templates, printables, and supplemental articles you need to take the guesswork out of potty training and make the process easy and, dare I say...FUN

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Allison Jandu

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So excited for you to all see my new children's book, How Do You Poo?!


Board books, ebooks, and other goodies are finally here and ready to get in your little one's hands!


Allison Jandu, owner and founder of Potty Training Consultant, is a professional consultant who assists families with one of childhood’s most important, yet daunting, milestones - potty training.


Allison has helped countless children of all ages. Her custom potty training plans are based on building independence and empowerment and she thrives on seeing children succeed. She is currently growing a network of certified potty training consultants with her new certification program to bring more much-needed potty training resources and support to families in need worldwide.


Allison is also a mother herself, and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Baltimore. She has written internationally accredited continued education training for childcare professionals and four highly-praised potty training books: Potty Training for Busy Parents is her parent guide, and she has three children's books: Let's Go To the Potty!, I Use the Potty, and How Do You Poo?

Allison Jandu, Potty Training Consultant

A Personal Note From Allison


I am a wife and mom of two awesome little people and I love to potty train. Yes you read that right. Chances are you haven't ever heard someone say that before seeing as how potty training is one of the most daunting, stressful, and downright messy tasks associated with parenthood. But to me, there is no better feeling than seeing a child succeed and be proud of themselves.


When it came time to train my oldest, I did hours of research online, read loads of books, and talked to other moms to choose my training method. I finally compiled a process that I felt would work for us, and guess what, it was easy and fun! Seeing how proud he was of his new skill was intoxicating. My son was fully potty trained by the age of 2 years and 3 weeks. So as soon as my daughter turned 20 months and showed the first signs of readiness, I did the same process with her. But guess wasn't working. She has a very different personality from my son and was full of "No!" and "I don't want to!" This was when I first starting realizing that there is no one-size-fits-all way to potty train. I was able to find her Potty Learning Style, made some adjustments, and was still able to get her diaper-free within 2 days. 

So many of my friends and acquaintances have looked at me in disbelief and asked, "They are already potty trained? How did you do it?! They must be geniuses." While I don't necessarily disagree, I explain to them that it isn't about the child, it is about the parents. If the trainer is well prepared, consistent, and patient, the trainee is bound to succeed. It isn't as much about THEM being ready, as it is about YOU being ready. I have since assisted 1,000+ families with kids ages 14-months to 11-years, and I am proud to boast a 99% success rate.

I can help you identify your child's Potty Learning Style, provide you with the best techniques and practices to get success quickly and painlessly, all while supporting you through the entire process. My goal is to make potty training an enjoyable experience for both you and your child. 

About My Methods

My potty training methods are focused on empowering your child. Simply building confidence, independence, and pride can be all it takes to get your child to that final destination of diaper freedom. You guide your child while allowing them to maintain a certain level of control. There is never any scolding or forcing. 

I provide you with all the tools you need to get your child success, and I will be there to help answer questions and provide encouragement every step of the way. 


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I specialize in custom potty training plans to address a specific need or situation. I offer online training services worldwide as well as in-home training within a 25-mile radius of Frederick, MD.

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No Potty Left Behind
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“Allison was instrumental in helping me potty train my 22-month old son. Not only did she provide me with a list of things to do in order to prepare for the training, she came to my house and walked me through everything I should expect to happen. I was given an outline of daily activities and how to handle certain situations. My son was excited to participate in the process. I was extremely worried that it was not going to be a success but I was totally wrong. Thank you, Allison for making potty training such a huge success! We couldn't have done it without you!”

Mandi M.

Jayden, 22-months Old

It felt like we had tried everything (various methods, consulted multiple pediatricians, etc.). Our 6-year old son was daytime potty trained, but for years he could not master the nighttime. The bed was wet almost every night (the laundry alone!), he was outgrowing the pull-up diapers, he was getting upset/embarrassed, we needed help. My sister had heard about Allison and her consultancy and I reached out. I felt immediately comfortable - a sympathetic ear with no judgment. Allison developed a custom plan for our son and we implemented it immediately. For the first 4-6 weeks it was rough - it was like having a newborn baby with many wakings/alarms throughout the night. But one day, a light bulb went off, our son started to wake by himself to go to the bathroom and sleep through the night. Now he has been totally dry at night for almost 2 months. We can't thank Allison enough and without hesitation we recommend her services and methods. She truly gave us the plan we needed to get out of this phase!”

Jessie L.

Seth, 6 Years Old

"Your wisdom, support and clarity in how to go about potty training gave us a lot more confidence in the process and it was actually fun. Our son caught on so quickly. I was amazed at how well your suggestions worked and I will be forever grateful and appreciative of your help."

Shannon L.

Brecken, 3 Years Old

After almost a year of waiting for my daughter to be ready I knew it wasn't ever going to happen.  She was 3 years old, zero interest to potty train & resisting my efforts.  After talking to Allison, she wrote up a plan that was specific to my family and our needs.  My daughter woke up the first morning excited to try and hasn't looked back since.  I can't thank you enough for turning a complete nightmare into a dream.

Michelle M.

Olivia, 3 Years Old

“I am so amazed at how well he is doing and I know your workshop really helped us out! We’re so busy and honestly, just didn’t have the time to read books about potty training so getting a crash course in just an hour and a half was so incredibly helpful. It motivated us and gave us confidence that we and our son could do this even with our guy being only 22 months old. Thanks again so much!!”

Megan M.

Jax, 22-Months Old

"She was dry during nap time and she was dry all night! She has done so well. You've helped so much, I can't thank you enough!"

Jemma W.

Claire, 33-Months Old

"My son is extremely stubborn, the kind of kid and that rewards like stickers and small toys or even events/outings did not work. We tried potty training when he was 3, before preschool. He would sit for short periods but never release and eventually, just wouldn't sit at all. He spent the entire school year in diapers! The school tried too but had inconsistent results. We finally tried again in the beginning of August of this year, when he was 4. We were under a great deal of pressure. I was sure the preschool would not take him back this year if he was in diapers. He completely refused to even enter the bathroom! I found Allison online and sent her a desperate email. She replied quickly and we booked a 30-minute consult. Long story short: this Sunday is the end of week 2 without diapers. He has even peed and pooped outside the house! I feel like he is at his peer level in every way now! I am proud to be taking him back to school in September, minus diapers! And I think he is proud too! Thank you Allison, you are a potty training goddess!!!"

Pindi P.

Arun, 4 Years Old

"Thank you for all your help and guidance. It was so nice to know that when questions came up or if something unexpected happened we could contact you and get some insight. It really made the process feel easier and more manageable! I feel like with enough time we probably could have done this alone, but I am so glad that we didn’t have to. Your support really was invaluable. "

Ilana M.

Keira, 3 Years Old

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