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How To Get Your Child To Sit On The Toilet

As you probably already know, children are energetic and oftentimes strong-will

"Interoception": The Art Of Reading Your Body's Language

When kiddos begin potty training, they have to learn how to read their body’s lan

Summertime Is Perfect For Potty Training

Potty training is a HUGE milestone to journey through and summertime is one of


A common misconception when potty training is that you must prompt your child a

Speech And Language Tips For Potty Training

Today we are going to talk about communication and how it relates to potty trai

How Long Will You Have To Wipe Your Kiddo's Bum?!

One thing I know crosses every parent's mind.....HOW LONG AM I GOING TO BE WIPING

Basic Potty Training

A Guiltless Potty Reward?!

It's not always easy to pack up your entire potty repertoire and take it with you when you leave the house, so I have been on the hunt for a healthy edible reward that is not only attractive to youngsters but easy to throw into your potty training on-the-go survival kit too. And I'm so excited to say that I found it with Amara Organic Smoothie Bites!

Optimizing Bowel Health Can Make Potty Training Easier

Probiotics can be a great way to help support your child's gut health - and going into potty training with a healthy digestive system is only going to make the process easier and more successful! Read to find out why Seed is my favorite choice for kids.

Viewing Potty Training Through Your Child's Eyes

I’m sure you’re familiar with the old saying, “Until you’ve walked a mile in so


What If Your Daycare Requires Pull-Ups?

I often get asked, “What should I do if my child’s daycare requires Pull-Ups unti

Tips To Help Your Resistant Kiddo Prepare For Potty Training

Is your kiddo resistant to peeing/pooping on the potty but you can tell they ar

Struggling With Constipation? Try My "Potty Smoothie"!

Is your kiddo struggling with constipation? Many children do, your child isn’t


Protect Your Mattress & Your Sanity with the DreamSheet

Nighttime potty training is one of the most daunting aspects of the process, not only for the lost sleep, but also for the MESS. I found a solution for half the problem with the Waterproof DreamSheet by Nook Sleep.

Top 5 Nighttime Potty Training Tips

Potty training can be a very daunting process to begin for both you and your ch

Nighttime Potty Training: Solution For Mess FREE Nights

One of the biggest struggles that parents have with potty training is all of the

founder of potty training consultant

Meet Allison

When it came time to potty train my first child, I was quickly overwhelmed by all the conflicting information available online and was really missing the support and science-based guidance I was after. Toddlerhood is challenging enough -- I didn't think was fair for parents to have to guess their way through potty training!

So after mannnnny hours of research (5,000+ to be exact), I created resources that are evidence-based. And now we have an entire community where parents can come together without judgement, ask the hard questions, and get evidence-based facts that drive potty success.

Allison, the potty training consultant, sitting on a couch during a consultation
The potty training consultant, Allison, sitting on a couch.

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