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The newest, easiest, and most fun way to potty train!

Perfect for those just getting started on their potty training journeys

You've probably been dreading it - but your little one is starting to show some readiness signs and you know it's almost time to potty train. But what if the process didn't have to be dreadful! What if you didn't have to spend hours researching or reading countless books, blogs, and articles (in your spare time, ha!) only to be left wondering what will actually work for your child and your family? What if you could learn how to potty train your toddler alongside friends (one of them happening to be a potty expert) in as little as only 10 minutes a day for 10 days? 

I know it has the word "challenge" in the name, but this is actually the most FUN way you can potty train! I've taken my best potty training practices and organized them into short, daily videos along with supplemental materials/articles to take the guesswork out of potty training! I will help you prepare yourself, get your little one on board, walk you through the first few days of the process, as well as how to incorporate the changes back into your regular routine. If you have questions or want to share successes along the way, I've got you covered there too through the exclusive discussion boards inside the challenge. Think about it - you could be only 10 days away from diaper freedom!

When you sign up, you'll have access to:

  • 1 How-To Video each day for 10 days outlining specific instructions to make the entire process more manageable and positive

  • A daily written summary for easy reference

  • 90 day access and support via exclusive discussion boards

  • Potty Training Shopping List

  • Must Have Potty Training Product Guide

  • Customizable Workbook

  • Nighttime Potty Prep Chart

  • Potty Training Reading List

  • Potty Training Video List

  • A handy Progress Chart

  • Printable Sticker Chart Templates

  • Potty Time Flip Chart Printable

  • Nighttime Potty Training Guide

  • Potty Training Survival Kit Instructions

  • How to Encourage Self Initiation

  • How to Venture Out with a Newly Potty Trained Child

  • A unique hashtag so you can share in everyone's successes on social media, making this a team effort!


A $500+ value for less than the cost of a month's worth of diapers! Yours for only