10-Day Potty Training Challenge

Potty training broken down into 10 manageable steps to help you meet your goals!

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You're Ready.
They're Ready.

You've probably been dreading it - but your little one is starting to show some readiness signs and you know it's almost time to potty train. But what if the process didn't have to be dreadful! What if you didn't have to spend hours researching or reading countless books, blogs, and articles (in your spare time, ha!) only to be left wondering what will actually work for your child and your family? What if you could learn how to potty train your toddler alongside friends (one of them happening to be a potty expert) in as little as only 20 minutes per day for 10 days?

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No More Guesswork

I know it has the word "challenge" in the name, but this is actually the most FUN way you can potty train! I've taken my best potty training practices (the same ones that have helped almost 7,000 families achieve potty success) and organized them into short, daily videos along with supplemental materials/articles to take the guesswork out of potty training! I will help you prepare yourself, get your little one on board, walk you through the first few days of the process, as well as how to incorporate the changes back into your regular routine. If you have questions or want to share successes along the way, I've got you covered there too through the exclusive discussion boards inside the challenge. Think about it - you could be only 10 days away from diaper freedom!

If you want to potty train with an expert in your back pocket ensuring your success, then this is the course for you.

Course Curriculum

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+ Welcome & Introduction Video
+ Welcome & Introduction Video with Subtitles
+ 5 Surprising Things You Don't Need to Wait for to Start Potty Training
+ 5 Key Signs it's the Right Time to Start Potty Training

1 - Step One, Prepare Yourself!
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+ Step 1 Video
+ Step 1 Video with Subtitles
+ Step 1 PDF
+ Potty Training Shopping List
+ New! Must Have Potty Training Product Guide

2 - Step Two, Potty Prep Part 1
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+ Step 2 Video
+ Step 2 Video with Subtitles
+ Step 2 PDF
+ Potty Training Workbook

3 - Step Three, Potty Prep Part 2
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+ Step 3 Video
+ Step 3 Video with Subtitles
+ Step 3 PDF
+ Nighttime Research Results

4 - Step Four, Potty Prep Part 3
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+ Step 4 Video
+ Step 4 Video with Subtitles
+ Step 4 PDF
+ Potty Training Reading List
+ Potty Training Video List

5 - Step Five, Potty Prep Part 4
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+ Step 5 Video
+ Step 5 Video with Subtitles
+ Step 5 PDF

6 - Step Six, Goodbye Diapers!
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+ Step 6 Video
+ Step 6 Video with Subtitles
+ Step 6 PDF
+ Potty Progress Chart
+ Sticker Chart Templates
+ BONUS! Nighttime Potty Tips
+ BONUS! Potty Time Flip Chart

7 - Step Seven, Day 2 of No More Diapers!
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+ Step 7 Video
+ Step 7 Video with Subtitles
+ Step 7 PDF

8 - Step Eight, Day 3 of No More Diapers!
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+ Step 8 Video
+ Step 8 Video with Subtitles
+ Step 8 PDF
+ Potty Training Survival Kit Checklist

9 - Step 9, Back to Real Life
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+ Step 9 Video
+ Step 9 Video with Subtitles
+ Step 9 PDF
+ Self Initiation Tips

10 - Step Ten, Continuing Progress
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+ Step 10 Video
+ Step 10 Video with Subtitles
+ Step 10 PDF
+ Out of the House Tips

BONUS! - Poop Tips
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+ BONUS! Poop Tips Video
+ Poop Tips Video with Subtitles
+ Poop Tips Handout

You have access to the course for one full year with your enrollment. For extension or upgrade options, please contact us at support@pottytrainingconsultant.com!

All on her own!
"After two weeks of unsuccessful attempts, we read this book twice and that same night she pooped on the potty all on her own!"

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My son loves this book.
"My son loves this book. I believe it has helped him feel more comfortable with his body, and pooping in the potty. He wants it read to him every time he sits on the potty."

‚ÄĒ Verified Purchase

Super excited to poop!!!
"He was laughing so hard...Today he wanted the book read every time we went to the potty. Then, he was actually super excited to poop!!! He’s been quoting small parts of the book all day. I love that he’s having fun with it!"

‚ÄĒ Verified Purchase

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The Bundle

+ 10 Day Challenge
+ Troubleshooting Courses
+ Nighttime Course
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Just the Final Steps

+ Troubleshooting Courses
+ Nighttime Course
you've got this!
you've got this!
you've got this!
you've got this!

founder of potty training consultant

Meet Allison

When it came time to potty train my first child, I was quickly overwhelmed by all the conflicting information available online and was really missing the support and science-based guidance I was after. Toddlerhood is challenging enough -- I didn't think was fair for parents to have to guess their way through potty training!

So after mannnnny hours of research (5,000+ to be exact), I created resources that are evidence-based. And now we have an entire community where parents can come together without judgement, ask the hard questions, and get evidence-based facts that drive potty success.

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The potty training consultant, Allison, sitting on a couch.

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