Constipation Solution For Potty Training Toddlers

Constipation is surprisingly a common issue that many toddlers struggle with. Whe

Constipation is surprisingly a common issue that many toddlers struggle with. When potty training your kiddo, poop withholding and fear of pooping in the potty can add to these poop issues, making the process overwhelming and frustrating.

Pooping on the potty is often a more difficult skill for tots to master because they have fewer opportunities to practice! For children who are used to pooping in a diaper or Pull-Up, this transition to going in the toilet can often feel as if their insides are falling out. (Which essentially they are!)

Constipation can often be triggered during the potty training milestone due to withholding, change in routine, stress, or overall resistance from your child. Sometimes constipation is temporary, and other times it can be a chronic, reoccurring issue that children and even adults struggle with.

To help your toddler poop on the potty with ease, it’s important for them to:

  • Eat a high fiber diet
  • Drink lots of fluids (especially water!)
  • Stay active! (Probably not an issue if your kiddos are anything like mine!)

Many families are hesitant to treat constipation with medications that may have unpleasant side effects for their children. While Miralax and other similar over-the-counter products are considered safe to use for treating poop problems, many parents aren’t comfortable giving these treatments to their children on a daily basis.

When my now 6-year-old daughter Layla was 2 and potty training she suffered from serious constipation! I gave her Miralax daily to help the problem and while it did help, I couldn’t wait to get her off of it! I wish I had known about a natural alternative back then!

So guess what?! I’ve recently discovered an AMAZING and safe natural fiber supplement that is guaranteed to work for your constipated toddler: HyFiber for Kids!

HyFiber for Kids is a liquid soluble fiber that helps promote bowel regularity and is a stool softener. It’s much easier and more effective than powder mix drinks. Only requires 1-3 liquids tablespoons a day. Great for picky eaters.

This laxative alternative contains prebiotics to improve gut health and digestion. It’s a clear liquid with no artificial additives for color or taste and is safe for long-term usage. It’s been trusted for over 15 years in the hospital setting and is medical food grade.

You can absolutely transition your kiddo away from Miralax or whatever stool softeners you are using and switch over to this safer alternative! It is also safe to use long term for those kiddos who continue to struggle with constipation. HyFiber for Kids is gluten, dairy, and sugar-free. This makes it accessible to families who may have certain allergies or health concerns on top of the constipation issues.

How it works: For constipation relief, give your child the recommended dose daily for two weeks. Some kids will start showing drastic improvements in as little as 3 to 5 days! It’s important to transition into using the product over time. Talk to your child’s pediatrician about helpful strategies to make this change in your child’s care.

When we can encourage our kiddo’s bodies to produce routinely smooth bowel movements, we are setting our children up for success in the pooping on the potty department! Painful poops can often throw a wrench in the training process, so we want to avoid this at all costs!

Children often mirror our attitudes and outlook on things. Because of this, it is important to be positive, and optimistic, and make this potty training journey as fun as possible! With HyFiber for Kids, you can help set your child up for potty success while being confident that your kiddo is safe, healthy, and well on their way to conquering a great milestone in their adolescence!

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