Diaper Leaks? Underwear Dribbles? Sposie to the Rescue!

Worried about diaper leaks or underwear dribbles? I've found a great solution with Sposie!

It’s no secret that parenthood presents itself with it’s fair share of challenges. Okay, maybe even MORE than a fair share – many that you have no idea you’ll ever encounter until you’re living it.

For example, you probably never fathomed that a diaper could leak. And I’m not even talking about the occasional blowout during infancy. Diapers can easily leak pee too, especially overnight! And you might notice it starting to happen more and more the older your baby gets. The simple fact is, babies come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes that can lead to gaps that allow pee to escape the diaper. Or sometimes diapers just aren’t absorbent enough to contain all that liquid. Loads of parents complain of this happening, so you aren’t the only one. I’ve been there myself, so I know how desperate you probably are for a solution. After all, we sacrifice enough sleep as it is without having to change bedding and pajamas in the middle of the night because of a diaper leak!

The creators of Sposie are parents too, and they know of this problem all too well. They decided to do something about it and created Sposie Booster Pads. This innovative product is a super soft absorbent pad that adheres inside your child’s diaper, essentially doubling its absorbency! Parents who use Sposie Booster Pads can sleep easy knowing they no longer have to worry about diaper leaks.

You can also use Sposie Booster Pads during the day to help extend the life of your child’s diapers and add reassurance while traveling. They’re perfect for little ones who are prone to diaper rashes because they are able to keep more moisture away from their skin than the diaper alone, helping to prevent irritation.

My favorite part about Sposie is that they use materials that are certified hypoallergenic and pediatrician and dermatologist tested, so you don’t have to worry about anything harmful touching your baby’s precious skin. They are 100% free from latex, phthalates, chlorine additives, and fragrances.

If you’re about to move on from diapers and start the exciting and rewarding journey of potty training – Sposie now has you covered there too! They recently released Sposie Dribbles Pads, and let me tell you, they can add a huge amount of confidence to you and your child as they’re honing their newfound potty skills.

Similar to Sposie Booster Pads, Sposie Dribbles Pads are small absorbent pads that adhere inside your child’s underwear. They can capture over half of the average 2-year old’s bladder capacity in liquid making them perfect for containing small accidents, dribbles, or even poop stains!

We always talk about how important consistency is during potty training...

Sposie Dribbles Pads allow you to remain consistent in your potty training approach by keeping your child in underwear at all times, but still offering some extra absorbency (and peace of mind) when full-on accidents just aren’t an option. When you’re on a long car ride, when your child is at school, during naptime, or on public transportation – a Sposie Dribbles Pad can give you that discrete layer of protection just in case. You’ll still be able to leave diapers behind to send the clear, consistent message that all pee and poop is now intended for the potty while preserving some of your sanity so you aren’t constantly worried about when and where an accident might happen.

And if your child has poop issues...

Sposie Dribbles Pads are also great for kiddos struggling with poop issues during potty training. Sometimes, when kids hold it for too long usually out of a fear or resistance to pooping on the potty, or if constipation or a stomach bug develop, it can lead to poop streaks or stains in your child’s underwear. You no longer have to worry about losing any potty progress you’ve made by resorting back to a diaper or Pullup just to prevent those messes with Sposie Dribbles Pads. Just adhere a Dribbles Pad to your child’s underwear to save doing extra laundry, or having to replace their underwear altogether!

Parenting is tough. Potty training is tough too. But brands like Sposie and Potty Training Consultant are looking out for you to help ease some of those struggles!

Happy pottying! xo

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