Holiday Potty Training Tips

It’s the most wonderful time of year! Many parents choose the Winter months to be

It’s the most wonderful time of year! Many parents choose the Winter months to begin potty training due to the extended time off from both work and school. If this isn’t your cup of tea that’s okay too!

Potty training around the holidays might not be for everyone, BUT it absolutely offers lots of positives! Incorporating fun, festive aspects into the potty training process can help your kiddo be excited for this new milestone instead of stressed out about it.

Thinking of potty training over the holidays or stressing over how your newly potty-trained kiddo will handle the hustle and bustle?

Here are some tips to consider:

  • Don't hold Santa (if he is part of your celebration) over your child's head to get them to go potty. Instead, get them excited for potty training by having Santa leave fun potty books and supplies!
  • Instead of stressing over your kiddo having accidents when they're caught up in the festivities, remind them to use the potty before they start a fun activity or before you get wrapped up (literally!!) in something.
  • We all tend to indulge in sweets and treats this time of year, but too much sugar can lead to tummy troubles, including constipation. Have no fear! Offer a balance of healthy foods and treats along with plenty of water to keep things regular.

As with most things in parenthood, there will likely be relatives and loved ones who feel the need to tell you their opinion on potty training and how they think you should go about training your child. Some of this advice may be welcomed and helpful and some of it may not be, and that’s okay!

At the end of the day, YOU are the parent and YOU are the best guide and supporter for your child, so don’t let all of the overwhelming and contradictory advice get in the way of your peace of mind when it comes to potty training!

If you're searching for heaps of added guidance and support, check out my potty training course, 10-Day Potty Training Challenge! This course will take you through the process step by step and not only make this journey easy, but it will also add some FUN into the mix!

Children are very observant and aware of their surroundings and the emotions of their loved ones. If you are feeling stress surrounding the holidays and additionally surrounding potty training, it is likely that your child will also feel this stress which can hinder their success. If this is the case, maybe it’ll be best to hold off on training until life slips back into the normal (dare I say “calm”) routine.

Here are some things to do for your child when traveling over the holidays during potty training:

  • Practice: Before you leave for your trip, practice using bathrooms places other than home to gain experience. (ex. grandparents house, grocery store, library)
  • Plan for frequent breaks during the trip
  • Whenever you reach a new destination, point out the available bathrooms and communicate to your child that it is okay for them to use these bathrooms while they are here (Sometimes kids don't realize there are bathrooms everywhere which can cause them to hold it and have an accident!)
  • Tour new bathrooms whenever you’re in a new place so that your child will get familiar with their surroundings. This can eliminate fear and anxiety around going potty in a new place. You can also bring familiar objects from home to help!
  • Pack a "potty training survival kit."

A lot of parents take advantage of their time off around the holidays to start potty training. But if it feels like it's going to be too stressful, put it off until life is boring again. After all, your kiddo only gets their 2021 holiday season once - take some time to enjoy it!

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