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  • Allison

Introducing Underwear During Potty Training

There is always a learning curve associated with introducing clothing back into the mix after a period of naked or bottomless time during potty training. (I recommend only 1-1 ½ days of bottomless time) As with everything, it's going to take some practice for your kiddo to adjust. Remember, they've spent their entire lives up to this point peeing and pooping in diapers, so when you put clothes back on at first, their automatic muscle memory could kick back in and trigger more accidents. This is normal!!

As I’ve always promised, when I discover a new must-have product, I share it with YOU first! Lucky & Me has designed the PERFECT underwear for toddlers and young children. They not only cater to children with sensory sensitivities, but they also fit each child’s unique body shape with soft, organic cotton. One thing I often hear from parents is that their kiddos start to have more accidents after underwear and clothes have been reintroduced. Lucky & Me has solved this issue by offering boxer-style undies for both girls and boys. If you have a little girl who is about to potty train or has already started the process, check out Lucky and Me’s “Sophie Shorties”!

The Liam Boxer Briefs are a great option for little guys because they are loose enough to feel different than a Pull-Up/diaper but snug enough to ensure long-lasting comfort. You can even get a few pairs in one size too big to help your little one remember that they aren’t wearing a diaper anymore! These high-quality, comfy undies are sure to be a hit in your household while also offering more opportunities for success as your toddler journeys through this big milestone with you!

Here are some extra tips to help your child as they are reintroduced to clothing during potty training:

  • Buy underwear in a size too big. The looseness will feel less like a diaper and make all their sensations much more apparent (and accidents more uncomfortable!).

  • Stay consistent! Continuing to switch back and forth between naked and clothed is only going to prolong the process.

  • Buy the RIGHT undies. Get your undies from Lucky & Me! I've been doing this a LONG time, and Lucky & Me is by far the best kids' underwear brand I've found. Super soft fabrics, cute designs, and a quality that can't be beat make these my go-to recommended underwear!

  • Offer extra reminders. It's perfectly okay to offer some extra reminders or prompts after making this switch.

  • Help your little one practice pulling their pants up and down. If they are more confident with this skill, they will be more likely to stop and go when they feel the urge.

  • Go commando. Stick with one layer instead of two for the first few days to help with awareness if accidents aren't improving. This continues the learning but still allows you to be out in public!

  • Buy ENOUGH pairs of underwear! Two or three packs (12 to 18 pairs) of underwear will be necessary so that you won’t have to do laundry a million times in one week!

With any new skill that we learn, mistakes are all a part of the learning process. When kiddos are just beginning the potty-training process, there is a lot to learn, and they often experiment with how long they can hold their bladder until they can’t hold it anymore! This can result in accidents, and that is okay! Practice makes progress!

Bottomless time is helpful for the first day or day and a half, but too much bottomless time can create a dependency on only being able to stay dry when naked. Use this bottomless tool sparingly and apply the above tips to help ease the transition for your kiddo!

This is a BIG change for our little ones, and they need our patience and encouragement through this process, even if some accidents occur. I have faith in them AND you!

Be sure to check out my online course, “10-Day Potty Training Challengewhich will give you the tools to guide your kiddo through the potty-training process in a step-by-step and clear way! My online courses will offer the opportunity for potty training to be smooth sailing from here.

Happy and successfully potty-trained kiddo makes for a happy parent!

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