Nighttime Potty Training: Solution For Mess FREE Nights

One of the biggest struggles that parents have with potty training is all of the

One of the biggest struggles that parents have with potty training is all of the MESS that it adds to their life. Especially when it comes to nighttime potty training we not only have to worry about the mess but also lack of sleep!

Doesn’t it feel like toddlers just started sleeping through the night, and now we are being woken up all over again?!

I know sleep is valuable to us all and I always prioritize that above everything else. BUT be sure you give the nighttime portion a fair chance before throwing in the towel (or diaper). It can take a bit longer to achieve dry nights, but ultimately, your kiddo is more capable than you might realize!

Today I am here to offer a solution for YOU to help ease your laundry load as well as the amount of time that you’ll be missing out on sleep during the beginning stages of potty training.

Peelaways has created a life-changing solution to this problem with their product, Crib-A-Peel Disposable Fitted Sheets! These disposable mattress pads will not only eliminate those nighttime bed sheet changes, but they will also allow your child to rest easy without their comfort being compromised!

Here are a few great aspects that Crib-A-Peel Disposable Fitted Sheets has to offer:

  1. Cut down on laundry: Toddlers 18 months+ can sleep on these disposable mattress pads for 7-10 days (or until soiled).
  2. Waterproof: Waterproof design blocks leaks, accidents, spills, and odors for outstanding mattress protection.
  3. Soft & comfy: Made from a special blend of bamboo, viscose, and polyester and are also super breathable for a safe, comfy night of sleep!
  4. Environmentally friendly: Using these non-toxic disposable sheets that are free from phthalates, formaldehyde and lead help cut down on water and electricity usage while also reducing exposure to the harsh chemicals used in laundry detergents.

Crib-A-Peel Disposable Fitted Sheets are also a helpful solution for kiddos who struggle with bedwetting.

Bedwetting, or nocturnal enuresis, is considered a normal part of childhood development up until the age of five years old.

A few facts about bedwetting:

  • It is about twice as likely for boys to wet the bed as girls.
  • It is familial. If either parent wet the bed, there is a 25% chance their child will too. If both parents wet the bed, the percentage increases to about 70%! It can be assumed that the child will stop wetting the bed around the same age their parent did unless formal training is instituted.
  • It is not your child’s fault! But it can still cause confidence and self-esteem problems for kids, especially as they get older.
  • Bedwetting is mostly caused by there not being a neurological connection between the bladder and the brain. But it can also be caused by constipation, UTI, excessive deep sleep, stress, dehydration (oxymoron right?!), and diabetes.
  • You don't have to wait for your child to start waking up dry on their own. Sadly, for some kids, that never happens. And staying in diapers or Pull-Ups too long actually prolongs the learning process.

Peelaways offers disposable fitted sheets for all bed sizes! Whether your kiddo is in a crib, or co-sleeping in your king-size bed, Peelaways has the perfect product for your family! You can even use their exclusive code, “PottyT” for 25% off your purchase!

I know this process can seem super daunting, but don’t worry, you aren’t alone! I am here for you and so is Peelaways!

So now that you’ve discovered this awesome solution for nighttime potty training, what are you waiting for?! Check out Crib-A-Peel Disposable Fitted Sheets today and say “GOODBYE!” to overnight diapers once and for all!

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