• Allison

Potty Training On-The-Go Must Haves

Leaving the house during the potty training process can be overwhelming and a little scary for both you and your child. BUT, it’s also probably much needed after being home and working on mastering this new skill! Going on small adventures at the beginning of this milestone can help to make the journey fun and take the stress levels down a few notches.

Ever been sitting on the toilet in Target when all of a sudden, for no apparent reason, the toilet decides to flush...and powerfully enough to feel like you are being sucked into the depths of the earth in that huge toilet bowl??? I know I can't be the only one! Public bathrooms can be a bit loud and scary!

Getting out and about is likely inevitable throughout these hot summer months. This leads your potty-training toddler with no choice but to use a public restroom. Those big toilet seats are often intimidating and simply TOO BIG for our kiddo’s little bums. Put yourself in your newly potty-trained child's shoes, you do NOT want them falling in and risk losing any potty progress you've made so far!

One of the most important items to pack when venturing outside of your home is a toilet seat insert! I’ve done heaps of research and have found the best toilet seat insert out there! Uni Boo Boo created a colorful, easy-to-clean, foldable toilet insert that is easy to pack up and carry and makes peeing and pooping in public fun! It even comes with a carrying bag and a splash guard! Bringing this potty seat along for the ride will ensure comfort and ease for your toddler to continue their path to successful potty training!

Here are a few tips for using the Uni Boo Boo travel potty seat:

  • Let your kiddo help you unfold it so they feel involved in the process!

  • Practice using it at home a couple of times before using it in public.

  • Wipe it down with some antibacterial wipes before putting it back in the storage bag so it's ready to use next time!

  • Place a paper toilet seat cover in between the toilet seat and Uni Boo Boo’s potty seat for easy cleanup!

The best way to have a successful outing with your potty-training child is to PREPARE! Pack a “survival kit” full of necessities (Like the potty seat!) that will aid your child is having a positive bathroom experience if nature calls.

Here are some MUST HAVE items to pack in your potty training survival kit:

  • At least 2 extra changes of clothes - don't forget socks and shoes too! Better yet, get some Crocs or flip-flops for easy rinsing!

  • Uni Boo Boo’s potty seat insert for use with public toilets (foldable, easy to clean, colorful, comes with a carrying case)

  • Wipes

  • Sticky notes (To cover up the automatic flush light on public bathrooms )

  • A small, easy reward (Tic Tacs were always a fave for my kiddos!)

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Old burp cloths (super absorbent to wipe up messes that may be somewhere other than on your child)

  • Diaper disposal bags or a wet bag to keep soiled clothing separate from the clean stuff

  • A spare shirt for YOU (I might be speaking from personal experience here...)

If you need some help along the way, don’t be afraid to reach out to me and ask. I offer a full suite of online courses and consultation services that will help you reach those successes even quicker! It may not always be easy, but it is ALWAYS worth it! YOU can do this, and so can your child! What’s your handy dandy mom hack for on-the-go potty training?