Top 5 Nighttime Potty Training Tips

Potty training can be a very daunting process to begin for both you and your ch

Potty training can be a very daunting process to begin for both you and your child! Nighttime potty training is by far the more intimidating part of potty training due to the value that we all hold on sleep! Yes, it is likely that your sleep and your child’s sleep may get interrupted a little bit during the beginning of this nighttime potty training process, but it won’t last for long!

Children are often ready for nighttime potty training far sooner than most parents may think. creating consistency and potty training for both daytime and nighttime simultaneously will offer a better likelihood for success on both fronts.

I have worked through nighttime potty training with many, many families as a potty training consultant, and today I will be sharing some of the most helpful tips that have aided in successful nighttime potty training throughout my experience!

Here are my top 5 nighttime potty training tips:

Practice - Do some practice runs. Kids thrive on routine and predictability. Doing some practice runs will help them get more familiar with what might actually go on in the night when they need to go. Have your child pretend to go to sleep and then say, “Your body is telling you it’s time to go potty, lets get up and go!” Make it fun, and lighthearted!

Limit fluids – After dinnertime, limit your kiddo's fluid intake to no more than 4 oz so that they will not have to worry about a full bladder. This way, there will be less chance of accidents and you’ll be helping to set your child up for success for nighttime potty training!

Wake up earlier – Wake your child up 20-30 minutes before they normally wake up and take them to pee right away. Children often release their bladder either right before they wake up or right after they wake up. I know it stinks to wake up earlier than usual, but this part of the process won’t last too long!

“Double void” – Have your child pee once at the beginning of the bedtime routine (before bathtime or changing into jammies) and then again right before climbing into bed at night. This way they will be sure to completely empty out their bladder before it is time to actually go to bed! Yet another way to help set your child up for success!

Don’t give in – I know sleep is preciously valuable to us all, and it would be easier to give in and put a Pull-up on your child so that you won’t have to worry about having your sleep interrupted. BUT, I promise you that if you remain consistent and firm in your decision to fully potty train this time around, there will soon be a success and your child will both be potty trained for nighttime AND go back to sleeping through the night (as they hopefully already have been doing!).

Consistency is key when teaching children new skills because they rely so heavily on their parents/guardian’s lead. When we show them confidence and determination no matter what, they will feed off of this motivation and join us in the march to successful potty training!

Stay strong, have patience, and believe in yourself and your little one! You all have got this!

Never hesitate to reach out if you need extra guidance and support! That’s exactly what I am here for!

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