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A Potty Chair to Help with Poop Problems!

A Review of The Super Pooper Plus Potty by The First Years

super pooper plus potty child on potty chair
Photo : The First Years
It’s no mystery that one of the biggest problems parents encounter when potty training is getting poop in the potty. All too often I hear, “My child pees in the potty perfectly, but absolutely will not poop!”

Children often are resistant to pooping on the potty for one of several reasons:

  • Pain or discomfort due to constipation

  • Memory of a previous painful or uncomfortable bowel movement

  • Fear of the unknown (what happens when my poop goes in the potty instead of in my diaper?!)

  • Different sensations (poop coming out and away from their bottom as opposed to staying right up against their bottom when pooping in a diaper)

  • General stubbornness from not wanting to step outside their comfort zone

Well my friends, enter one of the coolest new potty training products on the market, The Super Pooper Plus Potty! (Insert super hero theme music here) This potty chair by The First Years brand is designed to put potty learners into a natural squatting position to make pooping comfortable and easy. Honestly, I had plans of designing my own potty chair just like this because it is so desperately needed, but The First Years beat me to it!

I always recommend using a small floor potty over the regular toilet (even with a seat insert) at first, especially for pooping. It is less intimidating, your child can get there on their own if needed, you can keep it wherever you happen to be in the house (not just in the bathroom), and you can take it with you on outings. I also always recommend to help your child into a natural squatting position while they sit on the potty. Before The Super Pooper Plus Potty, you would need to use a step stool or stack of books to achieve this. But, The Super Pooper has a built in foot rest (that is adjustable to two different heights!) so you don’t have to worry about those extra steps – genius! You see, in a squatting position, gravity works in your favor, so your child will need hardly any effort or pushing to get the poop out. This position also relaxes and completely opens the rectum instead of it being constricted as it would be in a regular sitting position.

Another great thing about The Super Pooper Plus Potty is that it very closely resembles an actual toilet,

Super pooper plus potty the first years
Photo : The First Years

which will make the transition from potty to toilet that much easier when the time comes. And as an added bonus, the lid is removable to be used as a seat insert to maintain that consistency for your child, helping them feel more secure on the toilet as well. Not to mention, The Super Pooper is fully equipped with cute sound effects to make the potty experience more interactive and rewarding for your little one. One button makes a flushing noise, and the other cheers! (And from a parent’s perspective, the noise isn’t too loud to be annoying when your little stinker wants to push the buttons repeatedly – which they will!)

The material is a very easy-to-clean plastic with a lift-out pot making clean up a breeze. It also has a built in splash guard which can come in handy especially when training little boys.

The Super Pooper Plus Potty is my new favorite potty! If your child has ever struggled to with pooping, The Super Pooper could very well be the solution for you. Or if you haven’t even started potty training yet, you should definitely consider The Super Pooper to set your little one up for success!

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