How To Address Potty "Fouls"

A potty foul can by any issue, “oopsie”, or roadblock in the potty training pro

A potty foul can by any issue, “oopsie”, or roadblock in the potty training process. I have collected a list of some of the most common ones that I get asked about so that you can be prepared from all angles when beginning the potty training process!

Learning a new skill takes time! Accidents are actually helpful throughout the learning process so that your kiddo learns what NOT to do, or how to do something the right way.

For example, Kiddos often get so busy playing and having fun that they ignore their body cues signaling to them that their bladder is full and that it’s time to go potty, and sometimes this can result in an accident! Once they learn how long they can hold their bladder and what will happen if they wait too long (an accident!), they’ll learn their limits and likely learn from the previous accident.

#1: Your little one’s pee stream seems to go straight out like a water pistol.

Answer: First, have them lean forward a bit while sitting. For boys, you can teach them to hold down their penis and it can even help for girls to push their private area down too! You can also completely remove their bottoms to make sure they aren’t being restricted at all. Practice makes progress, and this “potty foul” can be solved in no time, with a little guidance!

#2: Pee/poop doesn’t come until five minutes AFTER having sat on the potty.

Answer: First, be sure to let your kiddo know it is okay to go on the potty and keep the potty for business only. That way they are only sitting when they actually need to go. Make them as comfortable as possible by reading a short book, singing a song, and offering privacy if they want it! You can even have them sit backward on the potty and let them color on the toilet seat with a dry erase marker!

#3: As soon as undies go on, all bets are off.

Answer: This is super common and there is always a learning curve associated with reintroducing clothing after the initial stages of potty training. First, try undies in a size too big to help with awareness and mimic that commando/naked feeling. Second, make sure you introduce underwear after at least the second day of potty training so that they don’t get too used to only being potty training while being naked. You can also offer little reminders during that first day with underwear, like, “Are you dry?”, “Let me know when you have to go potty, okay?”.

My number one tip is: Your child is unique as will be your potty training experience, so everyone's journey will look different. No matter what, you're doing a great job! Every family is different, and every child is different! Because of this, different things will work for different kiddos and families and that is OKAY!

This is why I promote the fact that there is no ONE way to potty training! And that’s what I do best: help families find what method and style of potty training will help YOUR little one become successfully potty trained in a fun and positive way!

An important reminder for anyone who is currently potty training this week: Don't measure success by the number of accidents your child has. Instead, focus on the positives and as I always say, look for progress, not perfection!

Don’t ever compare your potty training journey to someone else’s because I guarantee it will be completely different! You’ve got this! I believe in your kiddo and I believe in YOU!

What are some potty fouls you’ve encountered during potty training? Drop them below!

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